Monsoon Return

It’s been a decade of our last laughter

Many winters and summers have passed

So , I am returning with monsoon .

All our cry,love and laughter I recall

Specially my hard efforts to save you from rain

So, I am returning with monsoon.

I remember how you scared to meet me

Still loving your innocence and foolish question

So, I am returning with monsoon .

I left you with unleft question and with heavy rain

You would have all reason to fight

So , I am returning with monsoon.

I knocked the door and waited quite long

When you came with smile realised that summer passed my massage for you

So, I am returning with the monsoon.


English Medium ?

What is needed to succeed in career your talent or medium of study ? One should always judge by talent not by language . I studied in Gujarati medium till my 12th class but I never considered English language as barrier rather always learned .I proudly say yes I studied schooling in my regional language . Then I pursued my graduation in English medium . When started working with organisation I found editorial club called Spandan where I learned editing articles , improving my writing skills . Soon i started writing poetries on my FB blog ” Opeque “and WordPress and people liked it too but recently when I applied for content devloper post . In their application they did not mention English medium school criteria . So I applied and got mail for interview when I called for another day they first asked me which schooling medium you had ? I said Gujarati till 12th and graduation in English . They replied very rudly that only English medium schooling should apply . I was embarassed by their reply as they judged people by their schooling medium not by their work experience or skill set .

Think how you judge people By talent or English medium ?

Last Good bye

Last Goodbye

When I am silent and all words are vanished

Still I recall all moments which are cherished .

Two different road met but had no destination

Love affection and our fascination.

Then you came across middle

I had hope of little .

You denied and walked away

I felt like you left me away.

Modern fairy tell without happy ending

All the cry and pain I am sending.

Last goodbye without words

It is paining me with hurt.

But still I am chirpy

With new sun and chechi.


Solace in the laps of nature

Peace and beauty

Village has its own simplicit

River dam to trees

I like your greeneries

My eyes are now relax

Now I do not need more breaks

No noise and pollution

But has a voice and dillusion

Music plays the harmony

Guitar, piano be ready

Now tune with it

From A B C to Z.

A Whole New Roadway

Oh my embarking oddysey

Are you my destiny?

New culture and its rules

I try to adjust myself with its tools.

Amity has started its effect

Now see how I get affect.

Never seen the beauty of night

Like sun is shining with its full light.

How far will I go

Can anyone know?

Let’s hope for the best

By giving its test.